The ascendancy of social platforms for online game addicts

A matter of considerable controversy at present is the issue of whether PC gaming has toxic effects on the minds of the youth. Teens do not enjoy spending time outdoors anymore, and instead they show preference for solitary activities such as playing games. Many people argue that adolescents, but not only, have become passive as a result of the many secluded hours they spend on their computers. The matter of fact is that they are so much absorbed with what they are doing, that they slowly but surely lose contact with reality. Science has evolved from console games to heavily online multi-player sites that cast a certain spell. The virtual world is considered more fascinating and appealing than riding a bicycle or attempting to participate in a football match. Recent years have witnessed the rise of gaming social networks which are basically a type of social platform where gamers participate in Internet-based games and compete against a multitude of amateurs from different parts of the globe or that are closer to home.

Video games are promoted almost on any page you may open. The specific goal of companies such as Gamurs is to create a warm environment where folks can socialize while at the same time engage in their favorite recreation. Gaming sites round up updates so that every player can track the other’s movements. Addicted gamers feel the urge to interact just as the rest of the world. Online platforms are the ideal place to engage in a conversation and create a real circle of connections. The fact that communication is met at the disposal of all, literally means that the process of sharing content is greatly facilitated. Being that most users practically live in the virtual world, their personality is reflected in cyberspace as well, which is reflected in their avatars. Users are not the only ones that benefit from the perks social networks. Providers advertise their services on social pages.

On the other hand, many are not aware that many can develop an undesirable behavior. There are certain types of games found on gaming social network sites that incite violence on the behalf of the player and this has raised many concerns. You are often put in the position of having to defeat your enemies at any cost, which can be translated into killing them. However, studies have shown that rather than becoming more aggressive with their opponents, children actually are more aware of the moral code that is involved and more likely feel guilty if he has manifested cruelty towards another. For example, most youngsters do not like to play the role of terrorist. Many participants respect the idea of fair play and honor. It may even by that virtual behavior can ultimately lead to pro-social behavior owing to the fact that it involves cooperation and team spirit. In conclusion, current trends are not as catastrophic as they appear to be at first glance.

How to connect with other video game players?

Video games have managed to completely take over the world, becoming one of the most popular leisure activities there is. There is an incredibly large number of video players out there, but even so, even in a world dominated by such games, they continue to feel alone. Luckily, the new world has come to their rescue, finally offering something they have been craving for, their very own video game social network. Indeed, these days, all those interested that allocate a few of their free time and conduct a market search will certainly find a few great alternatives to choose from. There are a few such dedicated networks, each one offering you interesting features. However, if you really want to have that social networking experience you have imagined, then you need to know exactly what it is you are looking for. You need to set a few aspects in mind and conduct a search based on them.


The aim of all gaming social networks is to connect, to connect players of different levels. Thus, when conducting your search, this is the most important aspect you should have in mind. Find that network that can bring together as many players as possible. The more members there are, the higher the changes you have to find that group you fit perfectly in. By doing so, you might just stop feeling alone. Secondly, you should understand that social platforms that have been especially designed for video game players are not just for connecting and sharing tips. These also represent a great gaming environment, a place where players come together to discover other interesting gaming options, even real tournaments. If you are determined to find that one network that fits to your needs best, then you should definitely take a good look at the variety of games it is in fact offering its members. Imagine that you could compete with your networking friends and see who is better. Such experiences can only be provided by those trustworthy, professionally made networks, as these hold thousands of games to choose from.


There is one more aspect that all searches of this kind should include. These networks can also be the primary source for news and game related pieces of information. If you are interested in finding out what else is new in the world of video games, then you might want to find that online platform that knows everything that is constantly updated and offers accurate details. Keep in mind that the dedicated field is rich in options of this kind and networks connecting video game players do come in a large number. The only way you will manage to find the one that is suitable for your needs is by looking at a few clear details like the ones that have already been announced. If you think that the search itself is just too time consuming and you wouldn’t mind finding out a suggestion, then do try Gamurs. With this network on your side, you have thousands of games, only the latest news, adequate content and on top of it all, a surprisingly large number of members

Gamers – a huge social network

Although it may seem that the main reason for which people play games it entertainment, taking into consideration the increasing popularity of this hobby, another relevant reason would be that they feel part of a community. Nowadays, more and more people find relaxation in playing video games, and since graphic design and technology have developed a lot, it is way easier to escape from reality during a game. There have been many studies and articles speaking about technical evolution in terms of gaming, but few people actually talk about those who make all this possible: the players. They represent an important element which has influenced a lot the history of gaming, and they constitute a massive mass, constantly increasing. For this reason, they have started to be considered a social group, and interestingly enough, there are actually dedicated online social platforms, specially created for them. There is nothing surprising about the existence of a gamer social network, taking into consideration that there are various community blogs whose members share common interests. Social gaming networks make it way easier for advertisers to reach their target audience, and they also help players improve their gaming experience.


If you think about the most popular online gaming networks, you should know that these have all together more than 300 million members. This means that more than 300 million people in the world are officially registered, not to mention the smaller networks and the players who do not have an official account. They are all somehow engaged in a communication system, together with other users of consoles and computers. Since the number of gamers from all over the world is constantly growing, certain gaming sites have been launched, in order to reunite under the same “umbrella” those who share the passion for video games. Although these have appeared decades ago, their popularity has reached the peak only recently, and some of the best gaming websites consist in various categories, depending on the games their users play. Besides gathering international players, these dedicated online platforms have developed different performing features, allowing their members to play as part of a video community, or access new games. In addition to this, gamers can also find there a wide range of specialized news, reviews, recommendations, groups and forums. If you become part of such a network, you will see that there is a place for everyone: from casual flash gamers to professional, competitive online gamers, they can all be found on the same group, sharing details about their experiences.


A gaming social network is the ideal place for those who want to find what is new in the field, who prefers what, and which are the most popular devices or games. Gamurs is one of the most reputable such we sites, so you could simply look it up on the internet and subscribe as a member. This way, you will have access to plenty of games, interesting updates and also be able to socialize with the other members. Become part of a network, and improve your gaming experience learning from the best!

Discover the perks of joining online gaming websites and platforms

With the constant growth of online gaming, on the one hand, and social media platforms, on the other hand, it was just a matter of time until these powerful communication tools would be combined to the delight of players from all over the world. The result was given in the form of online gaming websites where players can connect, share their virtual experiences and devise new strategies together so as to make the most of their player experience. An online gaming site where fans can meet and spread bits and pieces of information is the best solution for those seeking to expand the line of communications to others who share the same interest. The success of this concept was not hard to imagine, especially since users have been presented with premium examples of social networks, such as the amazing Gamurs site, showing that there is a valid and interesting potential for this unique idea. There are many advantages that come from joining one of these gaming websites and you will discover them one by one by trying the sites on your own or by continuing to read this article.


One of the most important aspects which need to be considered here is that there is no longer any point in trying to connect or to form relationships with gamers using the traditional embedded chats when you are offered such a modern and innovative alternative instead. Who wants to be stuck in the past when present options in terms of building web based communities are so attractive and exciting? The reality is that gamers are flooding these platforms and there is no stopping them. As soon as they sign in or sign up for the first time, a whole new world of thrilling possibilities and unlimited data is presented in front of them and this is just the beginning. the chance to get inside the mind of some of the most brilliant players braking records at a certain game or the chance to interact with a fellow passionate gamer are just some of the additional perks offered by these networks.


The beauty of social networks for gamers is that they enable users to exchange facts about the games and share stories of failure or success, further driving the competition between fans of the same game. There is nothing like a little bit of pure competitive juice flowing between top ranked players or a vivid exchange of information between the rookies trying to make their mark as soon as possible and advance quicker than their opposition. As the expansion trend seems to continue in the case of social media sites like the one mentioned above, there is nothing but a very bright future ahead for all those who take 15 seconds of their life to join an amazing online community where they are granted access to peers and information in a pleasant, appealing environment. It is high time networks such as these were implemented, because players have waited long enough, don’t you believe?

The advantages of online business advertising

In today’s highly technological era a PR campaign based on press tours, tradeshows and press releases is outdated. Advertising has developed together with the internet and recent innovations in mobile technology have certainly started a revolution. The web has become the playfield for small entreprises, thus offering them the chance to compete with big corporations. In recent years, online marketing has managed to appeal to an unforeseen number of customers due to the facilities presented by home shopping. Conducting small business internet marketing is translated into the maximization of business prospects. The word on the street is that anyone can make a fortune overnight.

The main advantage of internet marketing is visibility. It is a certified that a permanent presence will give you the recognition you have been striving for so long. In the past, people had to work tremendously to make a name for themselves by placing advertisements in local areas, while virtual broadcasting offers a practically endless list of customers. Moreover, activity is does not have a curfew. Virtual stores that offer ready-made products are open at all hours of the day, and entrepreneurs are believed to make money even during sleep. Companies such as 1st Page Local assist beginners increasing their visibility and expanding their client list. In addition to this, cyberspace ensures the creation of permanent links between individuals. Joining a local chamber of commerce is out of the question. At present, entrepreneurs enjoy a range of options such as chat rooms and forums.

Another great advantage of marketing your activity on the internet is the low cost. Starting an online company is less expensive than having to advertise in old-fashioned media, where clients are harder to reach. Virtual stores cost next to nothing and the general expenses are reasonable. Some companies advertise exclusively on the web. Brands in their turn have poached Instagram on the grounds that it surpasses words, product pictures, sales and offers; the same is with other social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. Social media outlets win customers through special discount codes and coupons. Small business online marketing is a strategy that is being adopted by more and more amateurs. Social media outlets provide free participation and viral marketing. In order to make themselves noticeable to viewers, companies convey their message on cyberspace, that is products and services, by means of text, images, audio and video.

Nowadays, virtual advertising is mandatory because customers expect a company to have a website. Browsing has become something of a second nature for many of us and customers tend to rely more upon the internet than on traditional means of information. A company that does not have its own website is not considered genuine. This marketing strategy can apply to small businesses such as local restaurants and shoe stores because trade is not bound to geographical spheres anymore. With social platforms like Instagram you do not have to follow the client and the client does not have to necessarily follow the company owing to the fact that instant updates and tags ensure that the message is being constantly broadcasted and shared.