Considering warehouse storage solutions

All companies, irrespective of their domain, need an attentively designed storage space. Whether you are talking about developing an in-house document archive or you are in need of a place to deposit all sorts of items, you need to take into account all options and settle for that one that fits best. Finding warehouse storage solutions might see a simple task, because people usually imagine that all you have to do is pick the colour of the shelving unit and you are practically done. Things are a bit different in the real life, because there are several aspects that need to be considered. Investing in heavy duty warehouse shelving solutions is a necessary cost, it’s true, which is why you need to be absolutely sure that you have made the right decision. When looking to buy the shelving unit, here is what you need to pay attention to.


You need to start off with purpose. Ask yourself why you are buying the units in the first place. If you can answer this question, you will obtain a piece of information that will prove to be extremely helpful. By thinking of the items that are going to be deposited in the unit you can decide on the kind of design you are in need of. Does it have to be mobile? Does it have to be high or sustain a heavy charge? These are all questions soon to be answered simply by thinking about purpose and identifying it. Secondly, you need to consider size. It is important to invest in a storage unit that can help you maintain all items. This way, your warehouse will look tidy, clean and perfectly organised. There will be nothing out of place. Also, when everything is deposited in a single location, it will be really easy for you to find it. Since you know that everything is adequately placed in those units, you won’t be losing extra time trying to figure out where an item can be found.


Last but not least is the provider you will be collaborating with. It is very important to contact a trustworthy and professional company, one that can offer you excellent depositing solutions. Variety and qualitative products are just two of the benefits you will be gaining once you decide to collaborate with a dedicated company. On top of this, since you will be needing installation services, know that some providers are ready to offer your assistance. Take Rapid Racking for instance. This is a trustworthy provider that can offer you top products, long lasting and able to sustain a heavy load. At the same time, this company will offer you fast delivery and installation services. Finding the right shelving unit for your needs is really not that difficult. However, you do have to consider a few aspects. Otherwise, your investment, which might prove to be quite large will not be not highly beneficial for your business. So, dedicate some of your free time in searching the market and attentively studying options.

Installing mezzanine floor at home: facts to know

It is commonly known that mezzanine floors are a great solution whenever one wants to increase the available space, whether it is in a warehouse, retail store, office or even a house. What is more, they are a more cost-effective option compared to relocation for instance, which would imply spending a greater deal of money. People who live in big houses should definitely consider taking advantage of the available space and resort to mezzanine floor construction. The entire construction process takes neither too much time, nor too much money, since the mezzanine floors are quite lightweight, not to mention that they can double as a shield in case of unfortunate events such as fire hazards.

When deciding to install mezzanine floor at home, it is highly important to pay attention to safety, so the first thing to start with is a very good design. The structure of the building and the available space are only some of the criteria to take into account in this process. In order to benefit from the best results, it is recommended to install mezzanine floors only if the house has the ceiling high enough in order to accommodate this type of flooring. As in any other activity, safety should come first, so installing some protective handrails and staircases is mandatory, not to mention that besides keeping everyone safe, these ancillaries also provide an aesthetic value.

When it comes to mezzanine, you should know there are numerous options available on the market from which you could choose the right one that matches your needs and budget. Among the most common choices people make are particleboard, welded gratings and durbar plate, but since you are about to install the mezzanine at home, you should opt for something more aesthetical, such as marble or tiles.

Specialists from many mezzanine floors UK companies advise people to avoid going too high with the installation of the flooring, even though owners might be tempted to do so. It is recommended to install the floor no more than 3 meters high in order to ensure the structural integrity of the building.

Another aspect people should take into consideration is related to ventilation and heating. Keep in mind that the temperature on the mezzanine floor can be higher than the one on the first floor, so in order to avoid this from happening and to have an equal temperature within the entire house, it is advisable to install some insulators and a good ventilation system.

When it comes to decorating the mezzanine floor, people should go for light furniture to avoid putting too much weight on the floor and make it too heavy. Choosing furniture that is more lightweight will also increase the performance and longevity of the mezzanine floor, experts from professional companies such as Rapid Racking claim.

To conclude, these are some important facts to keep in mind the moment you decide to install mezzanine floor at home. However, before even deciding on the furniture, or on the type of floor, you must decide on the company that is about to provide you not only with the right materials, but also with professional installation services.

Questions-réponses sur l’allocation de rentrée scolaire

La rentrée scolaire sera bientôt là, raison pour laquelle vous devez préparer votre enfant. Afin de bien organiser la rentrée, il est nécessaire de se délivrer des fournitures scolaires qui gênent et acheter un cartable et des stylos tout neufs. Le seul problème est que trouver le chemin à l’école peut coûter cher. Heureusement, la Caisse d’Allocations Familiales aide les parents qui ont un budget serré pour la rentrée scolaire. La CAF verse l’allocation de rentrée scolaire pour les parents d’élèves de la Seine-Saint-Denis qui n’ont pas les moyens de payer la scolarité. Si vous vous posez des questions sur l’allocation de rentrée scolaire, vous avez ici des réponses à tous vos problèmes.

Quesque l’allocation de rentrée scolaire?

L’allocation de rentrée scolaire (ARS)  est une prestation sociale attribuée par la CAF dans le but de compenser les frais liées occasionnés par le début de l’année scolaire. L’ARS a été créé dans l’année 1986 par la loi de finances rectificative pour le budget en vue d’aider les familles à faire face aux dépenses de rentrée. Cette prestation financière s’adresse aux familles de situation modeste qui ont des enfants scolarisés dans le public ou le privé de 6 à 18 ans. À présent, l’allocation de rentrée scolaire est accordée à millions de familles disposant de revenus modestes. En ce qui concerne le montant de l’indemnité familiale, il faut se référer aux paramètres en vigueur. Pour plus d’informations, visitez

Qui peut en bénéficier?

Pour bénéficier de prestations sociales, vous devez avoir à la charge un ou plusieurs enfants admis à l’enseignement fondamental ou tout près d’un organisme d’enseignement à distance. La rémunération est versée sous conditions de ressources, ce qui signifie que vos revenus ne doivent pas dépasser le plafond fixé par la CAF qui peut différer en fonction du nombre d’enfants. Même les mineurs ont droit à l’ARS. Il faut noter que vous pouvez cumuler l’allocation de rentrée scolaire avec d’autres prestations familiales destinées pour l’éducation des enfants. Pour plus des renseignements, vous devez téléphoner. Vous trouverez facilement le numero caf 93.

L’allocation de rentrée scolaire est-elle suffisante?

L’allocation de rentrée scolaire est versée à partir du milieu du mois août aux écoliers et étudiants. Est-elle suffisante? La vérité est que la somme accordée a été élevée pour permettre aux parents de faire face aux dépenses relatives aux cours scolaires, comme par exemple les articles de papeterie ou les vêtements. Il est également important de mentionner que le montant des prestations familiales est continûment réévalué par le gouvernement. La somme est bien généreuse, mais elle ne couvre les dépenses associées aux taxes de scolarisation.

Combien allez-vous toucher?

Vous n’avez que déclarer vos revenus à la Caisse d’Allocations Familiales et apporter une attestation de scolarité. Les familles qui réjouissent déjà d’une aide financière ne doivent faire aucune demande. Pendant que certains parents peuvent toucher l’allocation de rentrée scolaire à partir du mois août, les autres doivent attendre jusqu’au septembre. Dans le cas où vous n’avez pas reçu la rémunération monétaire, vous devez prendre contact CAF 93 pour connaître les raisons pour lesquelles vous n’avez pas obtenu le paiement.

How mezzanine floors change the look of your storage space

When visiting the storage space of a large supplier you might have noticed that they use mezzanine floors to organise their goods. You might think that they are not the safest way to store different items, but if you look carefully at the reviews offered by online platforms, you would notice that they have plenty of benefits. Mezzanine floors are widely used in shopping centres and offices, because they are designed as raised platforms which are installed somewhere between the floor and ceiling. When looking at them you will have the impression that they are a raised section from the floor. Depending on your special needs, you have the possibility to install in the storage space you are managing both mezzanine floors and industrial pallet racking, because they would improve the accessibility and effectiveness of your warehouse. Mezzanine floors are extremely useful when you have a shop or warehouse because you have the possibility to use all the space you never had access before.

When you have to deal with an increased stock, or you are in a period of transition between two stock cycles, you definitely need more space, and if it were to rent a provisory space you would have to pay a lot of money, and it might not be convenient for your business. In this situation, it is ideal to contact one of the mezzanine floor suppliers from you area, because they would assess your needs and would be able to offer you a solution. They are created as a raised platform, but they are sturdy enough to hold even heavy stocks, so you will benefit from more utilisable floor space. Also, you can furnish it with racking systems, or you can install different types of shelving systems underneath the floors. When you have to deal with expanding periods, there is nothing you can do to avoid them, but you have to be sure that you are prepared to manage the situation as effective as possible. You might consider at a certain point to expand your space outdoors, but this might imply a lot of expenses, and your business might not afford them.

Mezzanine floors are the best option you have when you want to expand indoors, because they have a prefabricated nature, and when you compare the prices you will notice that they are cheaper than if you would consider building an additional space. In case you want to sell the space in the future, and purchase a larger one, you should talk with a mezzanine floors provider as Rapid Racking to see if you can move them in your new space. In case they are designed according to the specific features of the present storage space, you should know that they would rise the value of your property, in case you want to sell or rent it. Mezzanine floors are a versatile addition to every space, so you would have plenty of benefits when opting for them.

Maximise storage space using professional solutions

When it comes to storage, house owners are constantly searching for desperate solutions to help them increase space. The garage, for instance, a room normally dedicated to parking the car, is the spot most families are using for a different purpose, which is depositing things. This utility has actually replaced the initial function of garages, becoming a more popular one, due to the lack of space inside the house, per se. In case you are one of the people whose garage is the place for keeping everything else you have around the house, except for your car, then you should probably start thinking about a solution for transforming it into a genuine storage facility. Rest assured there are plenty of dedicated companies in the United Kingdom, such as Rapid Racking, providing reliable options in terms of strategies and products. It will not be hard to pick something suitable for your needs, as long as you listen to these experts and tell them exactly what you wish. You may even get customised solutions, in the shortest time possible.


As far as products are concerned, there is nothing to worry about, because there is a wide variety available in dedicated stores. From pallet racking for sale, to storage boxes, kits, containers and shelves, all these are now accessible in exchange for extremely affordable prices. Each of these will be designed to answer your needs, and this way you will be able to make the best out of your storage space, that is, your garage. Start with a general cleaning, de-clutter, take out everything you no longer use and then ask a team of professionals to come to your place and make a complete assessment. After this, they will come up with some of the most innovative and efficient solutions, thus maximising your garage space. While you may not see any possibility, their experience and expertise enables them to notice even the tiniest unused spots and transform them in the perfect spot for new shelves or racks. In addition to this, if the garage is large enough, you can even ask for mezzanine floors, metal structures or pallet racking solutions. One of the most professional pallet racking suppliers in the country will definitely give you access to endless options. Once the products are delivered at your home, make sure you keep in mind the plan executed by experts and implement it accordingly. If you hire a storage company, they will even come to install the units for you – which is actually helpful because poorly installed racks or shelves may cause serious domestic accidents.


As you can see, collaborating with a reliable firm specialised in offering storage solutions and units is the best thing you could no. Regardless how big or grand is the space you are about to rearrange, keep in mind that an expert can do actual miracles, providing you with more room that you could ever think. There are plenty of options available, so think out of the box and allow specialists to do their job – the results will be amazing!