Tips on choosing the right industrial storage solution

Managing a warehouse can be a complicated job, involving many tasks and responsibilities. One of the most important decisions you will need to make, when opening a warehouse or moving your business to new premises is choosing a storage solution. The market offers various options to choose from, but not all of them will advantage a business equally. When buying heavy duty industrial shelving or selecting between other storage solutions available, you should think about the following aspects:

Floor space

First, you should consider the capacity of your warehouse. Make sure to measure the floor properly, in order to avoid buying a system that is either too big or too small for the premises. If you want to maximize the storage capacity and to use your warehouse to its full potential, then you have the possibility of installing mezzanine flooring as well, which enable you to significantly increase storage capacity, perhaps even double it.


Although, quality should be your first selection factor, price is inevitable an important considerations for the majority of business owner. Because today’s market has a fairly extensive number of offers, it is not that difficult to find a storage provider that can offer you some low cost shelving options. Quality should not be compromised due to price, but if your budget is rather limited, and you are looking for a more affordable solution, you will be able to come across an online store that can offer you shelves of high quality at competitive prices, you just need to research the topic properly.

Storage needs

When shopping for industrial shelving, you should have your storage needs carefully established beforehand. This means, you should think about what type of product you will be storing, and purchase shelves that are suitable for your merchandise. Heavy loads require particular types of shelves, while seasonable goods should be stored in drive-in pallet racks. Take some time to think about this aspect, before making any purchases.


Versatility is an essential selection criteria, when it comes to storage solution. Your employees should have the possibility of storing any goods fast and easy and have easy access to all products, at the same time. This detail can make a big difference, when it comes to workplace productivity, so opt for storage racks that will make your warehouse a safe and fully functional work environment. Mobile shelves are one option that can guarantee increase versatility, so take this option into consideration.

From mobile shelving to long length storage and pallet racking, when buying industrial shelving, it is imperative to have in mind all important considerations, in order to choose the best storage solution for your business. Therefore, make sure to follow the tips mentioned above, when you are making a purchase. Probably the most important detail is to find a supplier that can guarantee the quality of their products, such as Rapid Racking. Establish the needs of your business, measure the space you have available and choose a storage solution to suit your requirements.

A way of obtaining help with debt

Unfortunately the idea of debt has always been a concept present in the world. People sometimes spend more than they can afford or are simply faced with difficult situations that can only be solved through large sums of money. The modern world is not simple. It is often complicated, frustrating and can have dramatic change, especially if you have no one to ask for help with debt. As you might have noticed, there are all sorts of financial groups that promise to show you how to get out of debt fast, but this usually involves filling for a new loan to cover the existent one, which as you very well know is not exactly a solution. It is simply a way to replace one problem with a new one. It is hard to pin the blame on someone, as an accumulation of factors is what brings people in situations of this kind. Still, at times, when things seem profoundly unjust, it is worth taking a closer look and investigating the deeds of the banks. These financial institutions often get rich from tragic situations, in which people of various social statuses can no longer face up to their debts.  One might ask himself what is there to do, if there is anything at all.


The good news is that help can be found. There are independent arbitration companies that can adequately represent the case of those harmed, helping them fight debt. Together with a highly experienced and dedicated staff that is well acquainted with the financial rules and regulations, your case could be presented to a judge, which could actually rule in your favor. It may be true that there is a lot of legal fighting to be done and sometimes, the outcome is not the expected one. However, this is a solution. It is a way to become debt free, a way you could finally get rid of all problems and unpleasantness. All it takes is one good case, demonstrating that banks often put their own well being and profit before that of the client. Doing so, the client could be easily wronged, being stuck with a number of unjust debts. Luckily, this fact has already been proved. In other words, you have a precedent. Fighting banks is possible if you have a solid team by your side.


So, an actual way of obtaining help with debt is by asking it to the right person. In this case the right person is none other than an independent arbitration company, one similar to Consumer Defense Corporation. This company has started this war a long time ago, gaining more than sufficient experience and expertise in terms o bankruptcy, debt or financial settlements. Offering trustworthy and reliable services, the company itself is currently appreciated by a large number of clients. By working with such a company, you will convince yourself that solutions exist and in a large number. Take the time to research the market for such a partner or better yet, work with the one already mentioned. This way, you will be able to sleep soundly once more, without thinking about your debt.

Why you should choose chrome wire shelving for your business’ stockroom

If you have recently opened a business, and the next step is designing a suitable stockroom, then buying some storage units will be necessary. With so many options to choose from, it may seem like a daunting task to decide on a single one, especially if you have never faced the need of choosing a storage solution before. For the majority of basic stockrooms, chrome wire shelving units are a great choice, offering a wide range of advantages. Here is why these type of shelves should be your first option;

Usage flexibility

When searching for the best offers for stockroom or warehouse shelving UK, the most important consideration probably is usage flexibility. With the chrome wire shelving option, you will have an easy access to any object you might want to store, and you have the possibility of stacking boxes as high or low as you desire. Moreover, despite common assumptions, chrome wire shelves are also sufficiently sturdy and can hold loads up to 400 kg, which is enough for most stockrooms.

Easy installation

If you want to complete your stockroom project as quickly as possible and to get your business going, then you are probably looking for a storage unit that can be easily installed. Well, with chrome wire units you will not face any difficulties or inconvenience when installing, being lightweight and easy to assemble. Depending on the space, or on how many units you will be buying, the installation process can be finished in less than a working day.

Cost effectiveness

When searching for the ideal storage solution, budget is always an essential selection factor. If you do not want to spend a fortune on the shelving units, then chrome wire ones are certainly a cost effective alternative. In comparison with other storage solutions, chrome shelves are affordable and qualitative at the same time, aspects that make them the perfect choice for small businesses.

Easy organisation

The way you choose to organise your stockroom can affect the workplace productivity, so if you want to simplify the job of your employees and to ensure yourself that your entire stock is perfectly organised and your business is running as smoothly as possible, then opt for chrome shelves and you will not regret your choice. The objects you will be storing will be arranged without much effort, and the entire space will be coordinated in an efficient and neat way.

If your business requires to have a properly put together stockroom, then finding a suitable storage solution is necessary. The efficient organisation of the stockroom can influence the productivity of your business in a positive way, so it is imperative to make the right choice. As you can see, considering the above mentioned advantages, chrome wire shelving can be a great option, if your storage needs are not industrial ones. However, make sure to buy high quality sturdy units from a reputable supplier, such as Rapid Racking, if you want your investment to be worth it.

Debt relief: a procedure you need to try

Whether you own a business or you operate as an individual, at some point you may have to deal with taxes and debts. The great amounts they have to pay is something most people complain about and if you are one of them, then you will probably be happy to find out that the situation has a simple fix, called “debt relief”. The process is one hundred per cent legal and briefly, involves an ensemble of measures aimed to reduce the amount you need to pay. This partial or even total forgiveness is used not only by individuals and businesses, but sometimes even by entire nations in an international context. So, whether you are having trouble returning the money because of unemployment, illness or just overspending, then you can use this professional financial technique to diminish or even get rid of the debt. The fact that you need to return money is extremely overwhelming, which is why if you feel you cannot hold the pressure anymore, the best thing you can do is hire an expert and follow their lead. A reliable company offering this type of services is Consumer Defense Corporation – they will make sure no creditor comes after you, using specialized methods.

In case you are struggling with getting solvent, remember that pressure should not be a decision making factor. Keep in mind that you need to use legal means and not shady alternatives that seem to offer flawless fast solutions. You cannot get the relief on your own, reason for which experts advise you to collaborate with a debt counseling professional. The practice is very popular in multiple fields of operation, and while ages ago, it was exclusively dedicated to freeing slaves from their masters’ control, nowadays it has become acceptable for individual needs. In developed countries, people use it as an option for reducing their costs on expenses they can no longer afford, such as real estate, taxes and automobiles and many others.

As a matter of fact, given the international economic context, debt has become a popular issue for people all around the world. Currently, even individuals from the most developed countries are striving to get rid of creditors and this is mostly the result of credit bubbles. Given the great debt loads, people in the United States are finding it difficult to pay all the money back, which is why they often seek professional help. The good news is that there are several dedicated firms providing debt relief services. If you choose a trustworthy and experienced company, you will see how soon enough all your debts are likely to disappear. There are certain legal rules that regulate bankruptcy as well as debt cancellation, so make sure everything you do can be classified within official guidelines. Get yourself a reliable partner and establish a strategy as soon as possible. This way, you can fight bankruptcy with all the weapons you have available and then be able to enjoy your life, debt free!

Tips that will help you gain some warehouse space

If you notice that the storage capacity of your warehouse is staring to decrease, then you must know that soon enough the productivity level will also get lower. The situation may result in issues such as over congested and shipping docks, commingling loads or storing them on operating aisles. All these occurrences must definitely be avoided, as they will only make you waste time and mess up the entire organisation of your industrial site. In case you think it is possible to deal with this situation, then it is time you considered investing in some reliable and efficient storage solutions. This does not mean you have to invest in expensive products and services, because there are companies such as Rapid Racking, which offer highly qualitative product in exchange for competitive prices. Read on to discover even more useful tips and tricks you can implement to increase warehouse space.

One of the most relevant things you could do is adjust the operating aisles, so that their new position will suit your operations. A lot of people make the mistake of poorly planning their space, especially with it comes to aisles. What you have to do is keep in mind the size of the pallets handled, the type of equipment you use for inbound and outbound operations, as well as the flexibility vehicles need to pass within lanes. Based on these criteria, your options in terms of space between industrial storage shelves are very narrow, narrow or wide aisles. This re-planning may require installing new racks, so make sure you consider your options with some time in advance, to prevent an ambush in the warehouse. Another thing you could do is inspecting the existing shelving units. You may be surprised to discover that you do not have to invest in new structures, because you can update the existing ones. There is probably plenty of space you are not using above the shelves and this should not happen. Of course, you will have to hire a dedicated company that specialises in offering professional storage services. They will present you innovative solutions that can help you maximise space with little effort and money. In addition to these options, another thing you could do is install additional units. Supplies provide a great diversity of products you can choose from, from long span shelving to cantilever structures and mezzanine floors. These can double or even triple the storage space you have available, so do not fear to make major changes.

No matter what you decide to do, remember that you have to collaborate with an expert. Look for a reliable firm that offers storage solutions and ask for advice in terms of planning and also installation, if you choose to have new units. Given the heavy duty loads, relying on resistant and properly installed warehouse racks is extremely important in order to prevent accidents and cargo damage.  Use professional services and you will manage to streamline the activity of your industrial site a lot.